My name is Majaskillz. I make beats on my PC. Music is easy you see. I don't take myself too seriously. Inspiration is so important! So everyday I eat candy. I love it when you text me. I wonder if you love it when I text you, too? Thinking about you can make me blue. You said I haven't done music for long, but I wonder if you will listen to my songs.


Texting You on Friday 19th May.


私の名前はMajaskillz 。パソコンでビートを作るよ。音楽って難しくない。シリアスになりすぎないよ。インスピレーションはとっても大事!だから毎日お菓子を食べるの。君からメッセージもらうのとすごく嬉しくなっちゃう。私からメッセージで君も嬉しくなるのかな?今君が私をブルーな気分にしちゃうかもって考えてる。私が随分音楽を作ってないって言ってたよね。君は私の歌を聞いてくれるのかなって考えてる。


新曲 texting you が5月19日にリリースするよ。みんなに聞いてもらうのがすごく楽しみ!



Majaskillz is part of a growing online music phenomenon, PC Music. This new genre breaks with long-accepted conventions in new music- refusing to take itself and the characters it produces seriously, whatsoever.


Majaskillz was created to poke fun at singing contests and karaoke. The idea is to fill up the pop vacuum so full of crap that it explodes and forces us to question what the pop vacuum was anyway.


As it grows Majaskillz will become part of a conscious collective who set their aims at undermining the 21st century pop canon.


Majaskillz is a sticky leftover from a party that went on too long, so just as sugar is to diabetes, Majaskillz is to Pop Music.